Week 16

Thankfully the strikes are finally over and it’s back to work. I’m glad we’re back as I was finding it difficult to focus at home with personal situations. I’ve been trying to knuckle down and finish the learning outcomes but I have been more focused on getting my documentary done as like I’ve mentioned previously, editing is not one of my strong points and it has taken me longer to get done than I’d like to admit. Because of this, nearly all my other work has been neglected. Again I have no-one to blame but myself, but now we’re back to normal I should be able to get more work done. I have been struggling to end my documentary properly but I will need to come back to that once I finish the rest of my Learning Outcomes.

Also had another chat/meeting with Michael to discuss my word press and what needs to be sorted, but I haven’t really updated things much the past few weeks besides these journals, which I found out I’ve accidentally put in the wrong category.
If I’m honest I’m beginning to lose faith in myself, my mental health has taken a drop again and it’s affecting how I feel with my approach to the work. While I am getting work done, slowly or not, the thought of what’s left to do is worrying me but I just can’t feel anything within myself to focus on other stuff besides editing or essays.

Things that need to be finished: Showreel, work experience, Film Logo, documentary, Edits to my word press. Hopefully noting things down will help me get things done, and done right.

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