Week 14

It has been the first week of strikes where there have been two days, Tuesday and Thursday of strikes. Fortunately, it’s only Thursday that affects us but like I previously mentioned, that’s the week we have motion graphics and I’ve been struggling to get all the necessary components together as I found out from Michael, the Buddha design I chose, is probably copyrighted so I would need to find another one. Michael also very kindly, created a suggestion for how he would imagine a logo about Buddha. which is the picture I have included with this post. I have also asked a friend to help me by drawing me another Buddha for this but so far I’ve not heard anything back. I’ve put that on the back burner for now and started focusing on creative analysis LO2. For this, I have chosen Horror and Silent Comedy. Horror is by far my favourite genre so I’ve been enjoying the research into the origins of the genre, as well as the sub-genres. Silent comedy is not one of my strong points so I’ve been enjoying the research into the origins for that. Minus being behind with editing my documentary this week has been a slightly better week emotionally and I feel a bit more confident about my work.

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