week 6

This week I spoke with Alan about my documentary in the Editing your own Programme class where we discussed ideas to go with my introduction sequence which I noted down: Notes for radio edit intro: shots of my day to day life walking about Cumbernauld, breakfast, mundane things, character piece, past situations, bad hand. Archive footage of me growing up, mum being ill, college before, life in general, stabbing, new articles from evening times, bbc, radio clyde. I was also considering having a time lapse of the class while I’m in college as well.

I have been focusing my spare time at home to recording footage for my documentary, I still have a lot of things I’d like to talk about and I will be filming it over this weekend again.

This weekend I also have a meeting with the organizer of the show to get an idea of what the venue is like, where I can also do a RECCE.

I also need to get stuff noted down for the filming of my stand up performance, including getting a RECCE, Crew list, equipment list. I will also need to work out how I would be recording my audio, which I was thinking of doing with a lav mic and a smaller sound recorder if the college has one. Michael suggested I should attempt to get vox pops from members of the audience, and get a short interview with me after it.

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