week 7 journal

I spent this past weekend trying to get some footage for my documentary before my performance. Today (Tuesday) I went to see Stu Who? to look over and watch what I had, where he helped me with making it flow and work better and in the end, I was a lot more confident than I had been.

I spent Wednesday going over most of my work and then we learned more about psychoanalysis in creative analysis.

Thursday felt, to me, like a shambles at first as things I had planned for being prepared for the gig screwed up, and I was panicking, perhaps a little too much. I got to the venue and managed to get some cutaways filmed and worked out better how to set up cameras for it with Dale and Brandon and Erin.

Without sounding like I’m blowing my own horn, I feel I performed really well. I had a good time performing and I enjoyed it. I got a better reaction than i thought I would and I was told by strangers my set was good and I should keep it up. I did mess up and forget a couple of jokes but overall it was very much a pleasure to perform and I can indeed learn from it…

Just think, Michael, Alan and Tommy can say they lectured me before I was famous. How happy will that make them…? haha

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