Talk To Me

Talk to me is a short documentary by Mark Craig. It told the story of 20yrs of his life through his answer machine tapes. It was interestingly presented with just the messages and photo’s from throughout those 20yrs that relate to or go along with the messages. The pictures were filmed on a Rostrum camera. It was the first time, as far as I’m aware, I’ve saw a rostrum camera being used in any film I’ve seen. The use of the soundtrack relating to the time of the messages was also a nice touch, for example, when it was the late 80s there was hair metal and when his dad was diagnosed with cancer it changed to slower and sadder music to relate to the messages at that time. I liked the simplistic style of presenting a strange and basic idea of using answer machine tapes to tell the story, where as many people would probably just write over these messages and use the one tape. the rostrum camera slowly panning around the photos or mementos helped create the visual to accompany these brief snippets of time.

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