King of Kong Review

This documentary was about two “competitive gamers” fighting over the Guinness world record for the high score in Donkey Kong directed by Seth Gordon.

It shared both Billy Mitchell and Steve Weibe’s back stories before telling of the goal that Weibe was trying to beat Mitchell’s high score. There were also other minor characters introduced but they were ultimately overshadowed by Mitchell and Weibe. Overall the documentary was presented ok. But it was the editing that made Mitchell seem more of the bad guy over Weibe. I also felt the other characters, (even with the fact that Doris Self was utilized by Billy Mitchell to deliver his tape of his high score that ultimately beat Steve Weibe), did not feel relevent to the story. I suppose this may have been down to the editing as the director or editor found the Donkey Kong competition more of an interesting story to be told and the other gamers were ultimately underused in the final edit.

While I felt it was presented ok, the quality of the filming let it down. Shots felt very amateurish and unprofessional, for example the camera would either zoom in too close or be already zoomed in close and pulled out and some of the cuts felt at times jumpy, or at the very least they didnt smoothly transition into the next one well. Some of the audio was poorly recorded, but it did have a good soundtrack that fit the theme of the documentary. I however did like some of the graphics used throughout, especially when Walter Day was explaining the rules and it was made computerised style to it.

Overall I felt it was a good documentary and told an interesting story which I could sort of relate to, being a gamer myself and knowing the competitive nature that surrounds certain games. I just felt the presentation with the editing and camera work let it down in places.

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