journal week 5 (week beginning 27th feb 2017)

I had arranged to get an intro filmed for my documentary with Alan. This went well minus a couple of small things, mainly the camera is a little shaky and the whole meeting/discussion lasted longer than the documentary should be, so I need to drastically cut it down. I still filmed the beginning shot I wanted, and a short sit down talking about my documentary and discussing when my performance is. It’s in less than 2 weeks at Liberte in Glasgow on the 16th of March, where I will be performing with a few other beginner comedians. I’m looking forward to it but also still very anxious which I hopefully will overcome by then. I will really need to work on my set, I will be contacting Stu asap for help with this.

I will also be filming more content for my showreel this weekend since last weekend was a complete bust. I am hoping to get out and film as well as doing a few sketches.

The village documentary has been getting edited by Brandon and Dale as I didn’t want to let the group down as editing isn’t one of my strong points.

I have, however, been working on my edit for my documentary so I won’t be behind in that, need to work out how to colour correct the first vlog clip but for now I’m assembling the footage I have so far together.


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