Journal Week 4 (beginning 20/2/2017)

I missed Alans class for filming the last of the short documentary in the village due to a personal situation I had to sort out but I spoke to the group and thankfully they managed to get shots done. i had provided them with a voice over and questions to ask for voxpops and had made contact with the interviewees finally but unfortunately they were unable to be interviewed in time but the group managed to get several short vox pops with locals and business owners.

Thursday the college was closed due to the snow, which was lucky as the village was cut off for a while due to the large tailback of traffic blocking the ways in and out caused by the snow. I used this time to work on college work at home, preparing for filming of a couple of short sketches I plan on filming over the weekend, for which I will be borrowing a tripod from the college to use as my tripod is a little unsteady.

Friday I spent my time finishing of the previous weeks journal and speaking to Michael in regards to where I am with filming. I will get the filming done and I have set time aside to film over the weekend and every weekend thereafter to get some sketches and shots done for my showreel.

Unfortunately I had asked Andrew to help but he was to wait at home for the police to arrive on Saturday but I did receive news on my first stand up performance. I am both excited and nervous about my performance but I’m confident in my material that I will be able to do it.

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