Journal Week 3

In Alan’s class we went to the village to get more shots for the documentary. again we had trouble getting the interviews we needed so we got more cutaways. This was my fault as the numbers i had for the interviewees weren’t right. I have since gotten the email addresses of each of them and have contacted them through that.

In Andreas’s motion graphics class we started an animation of trees which I had struggled with a little more than the logo last week and didn’t get it completed but I was able to finish the initial importing and editing together the pictures. However I continue find AfterEffects easier than flash.

As I had finished my G.U LO1, I resumed focusing on my documentary, I had found out however that Stu is still unwell so I was reluctant to contact him as I felt he wouldn’t be able to meet up with me, I have been considering alternative options if by the end of next week if he is still ill, main one being me recording a run through of my set and sending him me performing it, which would also give me footage for my documentary, where he could watch it and take notes and get back to me with critique. I will also see if he would be able to arrange at least one live slot for me to perform so I can get that filmed too. I need to be more forward when doing a documentary, Now that I’m in the position to get somewhere with something I have had an interest in for some time i don’t want to mess up the opportunity.

The main problem I have right now is I haven’t filmed many films over my 3yrs here, so I have the daunting task of basically shooting this showreel bespoke. As an added bonus filming some of the sketches I’ve written will give me footage add to my showreel. I know things like this aren’t always my strong point but, I am determined to overcome this and show that despite my flaws I can get things done. I also need to figure out what music I would like to use for the showreel.

In Tommy’s Law and Communications cos we learned about veritas/truth. he spoke of the case against a former sound student at Motherwell College who had apparently faked having cancer and lying to charities and even though there was evidence of his lies he was still maintaining he was telling the truth. I had actually found this more interesting than i was expecting this time, and i had spent some time engaging with Tommy about it.

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