For the most part of this week, I have been focusing on my resit for my graded unit LO1 preparation for my showreel which I was able to finish, despite my struggles with essays. I even was able to get my Action Plan rewritten and with help, I was also able to complete the GANT Chart, something I felt I would struggle with as I don’t know how to use Excel or work a spreadsheet. I have been researching more showreels and even found one from Bournemouth University on script writing which, besides a small annotation in the corner saying what the scene was from and who wrote it, it was pretty much the same as any other showreel. I have also been looking at more of Aaron Sorkin’s Masterclass videos as research for my script writing.

In Andreas’s motion graphics class, I am more confident with AfterEffects than I previously was with the Flash program last year. I Finished off animating the first film logo exercise from the previous week and we started working on a Second film logo which unlike before I was able to complete within class time.

In Alan’s Editing your own Programme class, we went to the Cumbernauld museum next to the library to get footage for the short documentary, however, we were still unable to get an interview with the Spur so we mainly filmed cutaways and short peice’s to camera about the photos of the village in there.

In Tommy’s law and communication class, we covered copyright. We had already spoken about copyright last semester so this wasn’t too difficult.

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