Journal Entry 3/2/17

Today we had a sobering talk with Michael in regards to the whole graded unit and the lack of members of the class passing the first outcome, the planning stage. It has kind of scared me into putting more effort into the class, not that i don’t try, I just struggle alot with time keeping and focus, thanks to my mental health problems. Before we even go down for the meeting he is planning on having with each member of the class, I know I’m one of the ones who failed, I struggled greatly with writing the essay, even with notes, even though 5/6 pages has been the most I’ve ever wrote before. due to my anxiety I’m always scared to ask for help, so I try to do work on my own and my mind set is normally I got myself into the problem get myself out of it.

In contrast, my documentary seems to be coming on well enough, I’ve had a meeting with Stu Who? who gave me a ton of advice not just about performing but the psychology of stand up, talked me though my set I had written and I’ve been practicing it at home. Uncharacteristically I’m feeling a little more confident about my documentary than anything else, but I need to get the finger out in general. I don’t want to fail.

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